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Jan 302015

DAVID will be present at the GPU Technology Conference 2015 with the talk

GPU-Accelerated Undecimated Wavelet Transform for Film and Video Denoising
Hermann Fürntratt, Hannes Fassold

A highly efficient GPU implementation of the Undecimated Wavelet Transform will be presented there. Furthermore it will be shown how it is applied within the noise repair algorithm developed within the DAVID project. This algorithm is able to deal with very different kinds of noise like film grain noise, electronic video noise and digital sensor noise in a highly automated way. The GPU Technology Conference (March 17-20, San Jose, USA) is the world’s largest GPU developer conference with hundreds of talks and posters from all scientific fields.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH – DIGITAL is the single research institute in Austria which has been awarded by NVIDIA with the title of a CUDA Research Center





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