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Jul 232014

DAVID will participate in the IBC Exhibition (Amsterdam, Sept. 12-16, 2014) – the premier annual Technology event for the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide. The project was selected to present at IBC’s Future Zone (booth 8.F22), where research results important for the future of the field are exhibited.

  • DIGITAL of JOANNEUM RESEARCH demonstrates new, essence based damage detection tools for Digital BETACAM™ dropouts, field order errors and progressive / interlaced / pull-down errors, integrated in the essence quality checking system VidiCert, addressing archive migration and video production quality control applications. Novel results for noise suppression and Digital BETACAM™ dropout repair are presented.
  • HS-ART Digital will show its semi-automatic video field issues repair tool for the first time at IBC2014. Furthermore the new noise repair filter, integrated into the DIAMANT-Film Restoration software, will be shown. This filter addresses the whole video and film post production market working with digital born material as well as with digitized content.
  • Cube-Tec will present a high-speed solution to solve interoperability problems with MXF media files in a fully automatic way. This new technology is called MXF Legalizer and is part of the Cube Workflow Framework. MXF Legalizer checks MXF files for standards conformance. In addition MXF format variants that are known to be the reason for interoperability issues in typical file-based broadcast chains are also fixed. Expandable rule-based decision logic is used to convert MXF files into the selected target MXF flavour.
  • The IT Innovation Centre of the University of Southampton will demonstrate how we are able to identify where significant risks arise in preservation workflows, using risk-enhanced business process modelling, enabling decision-makers to target and justify investment in effective risk management strategies. We will show for the first time a development version of this new simulation-based planning GUI.


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