Scientific Publications & Presentations


Peter Schallauer, DAVID Project Flyer: Objectives and Results. DAVID_Flyer_A5_final

Peter Schallauer, Essence Quality Control for AV Archive Digitisation, Migration and Exploitation, PrestoCentre Preservathon, Nov. 14 Presentation

Peter Schallauer, Workshop on Digital Video Damage in Archives: Understand, Prevent, Detect, and Repair, FIAT/IFTA, Amsterdam, Oct. 25, 2014 Presentation

Peter Schallauer, Efficient Essence QC for AV Archives Digitisation, Migration and Exploitation, presented at EBU Archives Workshop, Oct. 28th 2014 EBU 2014 Presentation

Peter Schallauer, PrestoCentre Webinar, Oct. 20th, 2014, Essence Quality Control for AV Archive Digitisation, Migration and Exploitation, PrestoCentre 2014, October Presentation

Feriel Abboud, Emilie Chouzenoux, Jean-Christophe Pesquet, Jean-Hugues Chenot, Louis Laborelli, “A Hybrid Alternating Proximal Method for Blind Video Restoration”, Proceedings of Eusipco2014 (22nd European Signal Processing Conference), Sept. 1-5, 2014 Paper

W. Bailer, M. Hall-May and G. V. Veres, “Metadata Representation and Risk Management Framework for Preservation Processes in AV Archives,” Proceedings of iPres, Melbourne, AU, Oct. 2014. Paper, Poster

W. Allasia, W. Bailer, S. Gordea and W. Chang, “A Novel Metadata Standard for Multimedia Preservation,” Proceedings of iPres, Melbourne, AU, Oct. 2014. Paper, Presentation

Peter Schallauer: Efficient Video Essence Quality Assessment Tools DigiBETA & Noise Restoration, Presentation at IBC 2014, Amsterdam Presentation

Peter Schallauer, NAB 2014, April Las Vegas: Efficient Video Essence Quality Assessment Tools, DigiBETA & Noise Restoration Presentation

W. Bailer, “MPEG Multimedia Preservation Activities”, presented at 2nd International Workshop on Standards and Technologies in Multimedia Archives and Records, Lausanne, CH, Jan. 18th/19th 2013. Presentation

P. Schallauer, “DAVID Introduction”, presented at DAVID Kick-Off, Graz, AT, Dec. 19th/20th 2012. Presentation

P. Schallauer, “Future Projects: DAVID”, presented at PrestoPRIME final showcase, Vienna, AT, Nov. 21st/22nd 2012. Presentation

Peter Schallauer, Paul Walland, Martin Hall May, Hannes Fassold, Jörg Houpert, Luis Laborelli, Bailer Werner: State of the Art Report on Damage Prevention and Repair of Digital AV Media – Where DAVID started from, doi:10.5072/304dav1

DAVID-State of the Art Report


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