Oct 142014

DAVID will be present at the FIAT/IFTA 2014 conference with the workshop:


Digital Video Damage in Archives: Understand, Prevent, Detect, and Repair – Results from the DAVID Project

Peter Schallauer, Jean-Hugues Chenot, Jörg Houpert, Christoph Bauer


In this workshop we will look for answers to the following questions: What types of damage are common in digital archive content and workflows and what are its consequences on the re-usability of that content? Which solutions are there to detect and repair MXF errors, e.g. in D10 files and workflows? Which solutions are there to detect and repair video essence damage, e.g. Digital BETACAM dropouts, noise, various field  errors, and for improving the picture quality beyond its original state, e.g. de-blurring and super-resolution?  And finally, how to prevent digital damage in the future?


The DAVID project partners are looking forward to meet you in Amsterdam!

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